5 effective tips to get your puppy to love walks

Helene Aspgren

It is not uncommon for puppies to be reluctant to go for walks. For dog owners, dealing with this situation can be frustrating. But don't worry! In this blog post, we share five effective tips to get your puppy to love walks.

Using these strategies, you can increase your puppy's enthusiasm and make walks a pleasant and stimulating experience for both of you.

Build positive associations with candy rewards:
To make walking a positive thing, you can use reward-based training. Entice your puppy with tempting treats, such as a tube of soft cheese or pieces of chicken. Give your puppy a small treat every time he takes a few steps forward or stays by your side. By rewarding the right behavior, your puppy will associate walking with something positive and be more likely to participate.

Use attractive toys and tug-of-war :
Another effective strategy is to use attractive toys or a tug-of-war string. Hold the toy in front of the puppy and let it follow you during the walk. By engaging the puppy in a playful and interactive activity, the walk becomes more fun and attractive for him.

Gradually introduce new surroundings:
Puppies can be overwhelmed by new and unfamiliar environments. To help your puppy feel secure, introduce new surroundings gradually. Start with shorter walks in a calm and familiar environment, and then gradually increase the difficulty by going to places with more impressions. Give the puppy time to explore and get used to new sounds, smells and sights to reduce any fear or uncertainty.

Vary the route and the experience:
A monotonous walking route can cause your puppy to lose interest. Try to vary the route and environment to keep the puppy engaged. Explore different areas, walk through parks or forests, or visit dog-friendly places where the puppy can meet other dogs. By offering new experiences during walks, your puppy will be more interested and enthusiastic.

Give your puppy time to play and explore:
Sometimes puppies are more interested in playing and exploring than walking in a straight line. Give your puppy time to sniff, explore and play during the walk. Allow the puppy to explore its surroundings and reward it for being curious and active. This makes the walk more interesting and rewarding for the puppy while giving it the opportunity to burn off energy.

Getting your puppy to love walking can take some patience and creativity. By building positive associations, using tempting treats, attractive toys, gradually introducing new surroundings, varying the route and giving the puppy time to play and explore, you can make walking an exciting and fun activity for both of you. Remember to reward the right behavior and be positive and encouraging throughout the process. Soon enough, your puppy will look forward to every walk with joy and enthusiasm!

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