7 effective ways to keep your puppy happy and stimulated

Helene Aspgren

Keeping your puppy active is essential to its physical and mental well-being. An active puppy is usually a happy and well-behaved dog. In this blog post, we will share seven effective ways to keep your puppy active and stimulated. By giving your puppy the right kind of activation, you can also reduce the risk of unwanted behavior and boredom-related problems. Let's dive into these tips!

Daily walks:
Regular walks are an excellent opportunity for your puppy to explore the world and get exercise at the same time. Start with short walks and gradually increase the length as the puppy grows and becomes more persistent. Pay attention to the puppy's needs and let him explore different smells and environments along the way.

Play and interactive games:
Play is a natural part of a puppy's life. Use different toys to activate your puppy and stimulate its intellectual abilities. Alternate between tug-of-war, fetch and hide-and-seek games to keep playtime varied and exciting. Interactive toys, such as feeding puzzles or hiding treats, can also be very engaging and help challenge your puppy's problem-solving skills.

Basic obedience training:
Training your puppy in basic obedience commands, such as "sit," "lay," and "come here," not only provides mental stimulation, but also helps build a stronger communication and relationship between you. Reward-based training works best with puppies. Use treat rewards or praise to reinforce positive behavior and encourage the puppy to learn new skills.

An important part of activating your puppy is introducing it to different people, dogs and environments. Organize playdates with other dog owners and let your pup interact with well-behaved and healthy dogs. Visit parks, cafes or other social settings where your puppy can get used to different sounds and situations. This helps build self-confidence and promotes positive social development.

Puppies have a great sense of smell and utilizing it can be very rewarding. Engage your puppy in nose work by hiding treats or toys in the garden or in the home. You can also try nose-up activities, where your puppy learns to find and mark specific scents. Nosework exercises are not only physically and mentally stimulating, they also help to channel the puppy's energy in a positive way.

Dog parks and playgroups:
Visit dog parks or join dog playgroups to give your pup the opportunity to play and interact with other dogs. Make sure the park or group has a safe environment and that the dogs are well socialized. Seeing your puppy having fun with his peers will give him the opportunity to express natural behaviors and practice social skills.

Mental stimulation:
Challenge your puppy's mind by introducing new tasks and environments. Use dog toys that can hide treats or make the puppy work for its food. Give the puppy the opportunity to explore new places, such as the forest or the beach, where he can discover different smells and experiences. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical activity and helps tire your puppy out in a positive way.

By providing different types of activation and stimulation, you will help your puppy develop into a happy and well-adjusted dog. Remember to adapt the activation routines according to the puppy's age, breed and individual needs. Be patient and enjoy the journey with your pup as you explore the world together!

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