Best toys for puppies: Maximize the joy with your four-legged friend

Helene Aspgren

Looking for the perfect toys for your puppy? This guide offers practical tips to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, while having fun. Discover exciting activities that stimulate both body and mind. Let the playtime begin!

Tug of war with rope
Get your pup engaged with a pull game! Use a sturdy rope and initiate an entertaining tug-of-war. Letting the puppy win sometimes strengthens its self-esteem.

Bring toys
Most puppies love to chase toys. This game is suitable both indoors and outdoors. Use it to teach your puppy to return and release the toy, ready for the next throw.

Nose activate the puppy
For fatigue both physically and mentally, hide treats or toys. Let the puppy use its nose to find them, whether it's in an activity mat or in a room. This engages the puppy for a long time.

Tricks and commands
Make learning a game! Practice basic commands like "sit", "lay", "stay", and "paw". This strengthens the bond between you and helps with the puppy's upbringing.

Hide and seek
Include a friend and play this classic. While one person hides, the other pup helps search. Reward discovery with play and treats.

Friendly wrestling
Emulate your puppy's natural play style by having a friendly wrestle. Give the puppy a push (gently) and see if he takes up the challenge. Adapt your play style to your puppy's size and temperament.

These games focus on strengthening the relationship between you and your pup while offering stimulation and learning through play, let the play begin!

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