Important points to keep in mind when bringing home your new puppy

Helene Aspgren

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and life-changing experience. But to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your new puppy, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Allow plenty of time at the breeder

When you pick up your puppy, it is important that you set aside plenty of time with the breeder. This gives you the opportunity to ask the final questions and get more information about your puppy's routines, eating habits and personality.

The trip home with the puppy in the car

If you plan to bring your puppy home by car, be sure to have a secure carrier or dog harness to attach to the car's seat belt. Remember to bring water and a small bowl in case the puppy gets thirsty during the trip. Feel free to take breaks if the journey is long, so that the puppy can stretch its legs and get some fresh air.

First day home with your puppy

Once you get home, give your puppy time to explore his new surroundings. Start introducing it to its new routines gradually, including feeding, sleeping and toileting.

Let the puppy rest a lot

It is important to remember that puppies need a lot of sleep. So while you may be eager to play and interact with your new puppy, make sure he gets plenty of time to rest and sleep, especially in the first few days.

By following these tips, you will help make your puppy's transition to his new home as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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