The ultimate shopping list for your new puppy: Everything you need to welcome your four-legged friend

Helene Aspgren
Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting time! But to make sure your new friend feels comfortable and safe, you need some basic accessories. Here is a complete shopping list of what you need for a puppy.


Food and water bowls:
It is important to always have access to fresh water and food for your dog.
Choose stainless steel bowls because they are hygienic, durable and easy to clean.

Puppy food:
It is important to give your puppy a good start in life with high quality puppy food that meets their nutritional needs.

A comfortable bed or blanket :
Your dog needs a comfortable place to rest and sleep. We have a large selection of dog beds, here are our favorites (all models are available in different colors and sizes to suit your dog):

Leash, collar and harness:
These are necessary to be able to walk your dog and to keep it safe. We recommend a harness on the dog, especially in the beginning to avoid discomfort and injuries and give better control over the dog. When choosing a harness for your puppy, check that it is adjustable so it can be made bigger as the puppy grows.

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation, so have different types of toys at home for your dog to play with. Otherwise you or your furniture will become a hot bone... our favourites:

Treats and Rewards:

It is good to have some treats and treats at home to reward your dog for good behavior and to use as a distraction during training. We sell ours in multipacks, so you use up a lot of candy when you're going to train your puppy, it's nice to always have at home and you save money! We also recommend having a candy holder where you can keep all the candy when you are training your puppy, for example.

Hygiene products :
Consider toothbrushes, shampoo, and nail clippers to keep your pup clean and healthy.

Brush or comb :
Regular brushing and combing will help keep your dog's coat healthy and well-groomed. When you buy a brush for your puppy, remember that it should be soft bristles or with plastic bristles.

First aid kit :
It is good to have a first aid kit at home to deal with any accidents or injuries. Unfortunately, we have none to offer at the moment, will come in later.

Carrying case, transport cage: or safety belt:
This is important for safe travels with your puppy.

ID badge:
It is important that your dog always has an ID tag with your contact details on it, in case it gets lost.

Reflex or lamp:
During the dark periods, it is good to have something that allows your dog to be seen and not get hurt.

Poop bags :
It is important to pick up after your dog when you go out, so always have poo bags with you. We always buy big packs every time we buy, it's so hard to go and buy singles all the time. Great to always have at home and you save money!

Tick ​​picker and tick agent:
Our dogs love to run in the grass in the summer, therefore you as a dog owner will unfortunately experience ticks on your dog during the summer months. A good picker is a must! Tick ​​repellants are also very important, there are many to choose from, so ask your vet or the pharmacy which one is right for your dog. Unfortunately, we don't have any of this with us, yet.

Remember, this is just the basics. Your puppy may need more depending on its size, breed, age and health. Good luck with your new puppy, and have fun during your journey together!

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