6 simple steps how to make your dog's room clean

Helene Aspgren

Housetraining a dog can take time and patience, but it can be worth the effort in the long run. Teaching a dog to be potty trained means teaching him to relieve himself outdoors or in a special place indoors.

Here are some steps to make your dog room clean:

Create a routine
Create a routine for taking the dog out to relieve himself, for example after feeding, after a walk, after waking up or at other specific times of the day.

Reward the right behavior
Reward the dog every time it relieves itself outdoors or in the place that is special for this purpose. It can be treats, loving behavior or other things that the dog likes.

Pay attention to the dog's signals that may indicate that it needs to relieve itself, such as it starts walking around or circling, or the end opening widens and the tail goes up a bit. Take it out immediately.

Be consistent
Be consistent in your training and routines, this will help the dog learn what is expected of it.

Be patient
Be patient and don't get angry if the dog makes a mistake it may take time for the dog to learn what is expected of it and it is important not to give up.

Be positive
Be positive and enthusiastic when training your dog to be house clean, this can help the dog to understand that it is a positive and fun part of the training.

It may feel impossible at the moment but we promise, right where it is, the dog will learn it as long as you are consistent with the training!

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