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Trimming knife crescent from Hunter

Hard-to-reach areas of your dog's body are no longer a problem with our curved trimming knife. With this product, you can easily and painlessly remove loose fur, especially around the belly and back, making it much easier to maintain good hygiene for your four-legged friend. The high-quality stainless steel blade guarantees great results every time for all hair types - short, medium and long.

With our ergonomically shaped grip in high-quality leather look, you can hold the trimming knife firmly in your hand and avoid slipping. Whether you are a professional groomer or just want to take care of your dog's coat at home, our grooming knife is the perfect tool to get professional results.

Regular coat care is essential for your dog's well-being and health. By brushing and caring for your dog's fur regularly, you can reduce the risk of tangles, itching, irritation and skin infections. In addition, fur care can help reduce shedding and hairball formation.

Grooming is also a perfect opportunity to build a closer relationship with your dog and promote positive behavior. Many dogs appreciate being brushed and massaged, and this can help reduce stress and anxiety.


  • Suitable for short-, medium- and long-haired dogs
  • Allows removal of loose top coat even for places that are difficult to reach
  • High quality steel blade
  • Available in fine or coarse
  • Ergonomic handle with high quality leather look
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