Shih tzu - a small breed with a big heart

Jon Berglund

The Shih Tzu is a breed that stands out for its majestic, lion-like appearance and charming personality. Perfect for those looking for a loyal and loving companion, this small breed fits well in most homes.

Sociable and loving
These dogs are extremely sociable and thrive in human company. They are very affectionate with their families and make excellent companions.

Ideal for smaller homes
With its small size, the shih tzu is perfectly adapted to life in apartments. They thrive in confined spaces but need regular walks and play.

Low activity level
The Shih Tzu is not a very active breed, making them ideal for those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. Short walks and play sessions are usually sufficient.

Fur demanding
The breed is known for its beautiful, long coat which requires regular grooming and brushing to avoid tangles and keep it in top condition.

Friendly to other pets
Shih tzu are often friendly and tolerant of other pets, making them a good choice for multi-pet households.

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