Schäfer - a versatile and loyal companion

Jon Berglund

The Schäfer, also known as the German Shepherd, is a large and versatile dog breed known for its intelligence, strength and loyalty. These dogs are excellent working and companion dogs, loved by many for their versatility and character. Here are some important characteristics and considerations for German Shepherds.


  • Size: Large, with a muscular and well-proportioned body.
  • Coat: Dense, with a hard outer coat and soft undercoat. Common colors are black and tan, sable and solid black.
  • Personality: Intelligent, loyal and very protective.


  • Excellent Working Ability: Often used in police and emergency services due to its intelligence and trainability.
  • Good Family Dog: Known for its loyalty and protective behavior towards family members.
  • Active: Fits well in active households that can offer a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Trainable: Extremely responsive to training and quickly learns new commands and tasks.

Care advice:

  • Coat Care: Regular brushing is needed to manage shedding.
  • Exercise: Needs a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation.
  • Training: Consistent and positive training is essential from an early age.

Health tips:

  • Regular veterinary care: Important to prevent and manage health problems common to the breed, including hip dysplasia.
  • Diet: A nutritious diet that supports their active lifestyle and size.

Summary: German Shepherds are an intelligent, loyal and versatile dog breed that is well suited for active and experienced dog owners. They offer companionship, protection and are excellent working and family dogs.

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